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Too Much Technology

Technology is in our lives everywhere and seems to become an increasingly bigger part of it all the time. But, is new and better always an improvement to be embraced? Gardening uses its share of advances as agriculture has become more sophisticated over the centuries through trial and error and the progress of agricultural science. The average gardener knows the basics of sowing, watering, pruning aerating, composting and harvesting. None of these things require high technology solutions, but there are gadgets and tools that can make chores easier or even make your garden more successful. On the other hand, there is a feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a task without a lot of extra help that you did not need in the first place. With the proliferation of computer technology, it is not surprising that there is computer equipment available to help you be a better gardener. There is a sensor you can place in your soil that takes various readings, then you can connect it to your computer. A computer analysis will tell you what kinds of crops are best for your particular soil conditions. But just because this is available, should you use it? Some people will, but others may want the freedom to try different crops they like, even if that means some of them might fail because they are not well-suited for your garden. For some, the trial and error process of experimenting with different combinations of flowers, vegetables and fruits outweigh the more precise and scientific methods that modern science can provide.

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The Scenic Route

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